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Marketing With RSS Resources

Marketing with RSS Business Resource Guide - Bookmark this page and refer back often as I will be adding to it!

What Is RSS?

Glossary of terms -
Welcome to the 'new' Web, same as the 'old'
Web Mark Pilgrim at
Wired Magazine: Aggregators Attack Info Overload
MediaThink: RSS: The Next Big Thing Online (an introduction to RSS implications for business)
About Syndication, RSS, and Other Web-Altering Chemicals from Feedburner
History of RSS Versions -

Aggregators and News Readers

FeedDemon - - free trial but the most the most powerful in terms of features (It's the one I use!) Pluck - free and easy to use
NewsGator - integrates with Outlook and delivers new headlines to your inbox like email
FeedReader - free and web based
BlogLines - web based and my favorite as it allows you read RSS Feeds and find ones that are related to your interests - this can be a great way to find other feeds to add to your web site
Radio User Land - - Probably the most fully featured and complicated of the bunch

Super Cool Secret #1 - How To Get Yahoo To Notice Your RSS Feed

  1. Get your own MyYahoo page.
  2. Just go to and sign up if you don't have your Yahoo! ID yet, or just sign in if you have one.
  3. Add the 'Add To MyYahoo' button to your site.
  4. Get the HTML code to do it at
  5. Then, click on the button you just created and add your own feed to your MyYahoo
  6. That's it. You just announced your feed to Yahoo!

How To Create An RSS Feed

My RSS Creator
Nooked - - Focuses on corporate and PR communications
Software such as Feed for All
Super Simple RSS - - Create and Edit RSS Feeds (Simple and maybe not for the newbie)

Driving Traffic and Readers to Your RSS Feed

Submit to every feed directory in this list Robin Good’s list - just bookmark it!
Bloglines - -Bloglines will also build and power your list of blogs that you like to link back to
Feedster - -Largest RSS feed directory
PingOMatic - -free service that lets the RSS directories know when you have updated your feed.

What About Syndicating Content

Feed Syndicator - Wizards walk you through the process of creating custom feeds for your content or for other RSS feeds
MediaScooper2 - This software auto installs on your web server and allows you to create as many custom feeds as you like with great flexibility in terms of layout of the content.

Show me the money - Ways to make money or "monetize" your RSS feed

Google AdSense - -Google AdSense is a fast and easy way for website publishers of all sizes to display relevant, unobtrusive Google ads on their website's content pages and earn money. Pheedo - -Advertising and traffic exchange in RSS Feeds

Bonus Resources

Blogging Software

WordPress - software you install on your server
Movable Type - - software you install on your server
Type Pad - hosted and very easy to use – Seth Godin uses. You can set-up numerous blogs in a matter of minutes
Expression Engine - John uses this PHP hosted software. This one fall more to what is called content management.
Blogger - Google owns and it’s free, but has drawbacks for more sophisticated blogger